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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Vic Willi.

Vic was the Executive Director at the Centre for Independent Living Toronto for 17 years (1989 – 2006), and his ground-breaking accomplishments made a positive and empowering impact in the lives of many.

Inspiring independence, control and options in adults with a physical disability, Vic pioneered the Direct Funding Self Managed Attendant Services Program, which has now become a model program in Canada and abroad.

Other career highlights include the broadcasting of the first weekly television show in Canadian history promoting quality living with a disability. It was known as: “The Disability Network” and was later called: “Moving On”, and aired on CBC. He also spearheaded key academic studies on disabilities, and insisted on the importance of participative research and quality data.

Vic used to say: “The term ‘Independent Living’ actually refers to a flourishing but little known social movement!”. He was a remarkable trail blazer, continually promoting the principles and concrete application of Independent Living. Without a doubt, he largely contributed to the development of the IL social movement we know today.

Independent Living Canada (IL Canada) would like to recognize the actions and accomplishment that Vic brought to the Independent Living Movement throughout Canada and the World.

Rest in peace dear friend.

C’est avec une grande tristesse que nous annonçons le décès de Vic Willi.

Vic a été directeur général du Centre Vie autonome de Toronto pendant 17 ans (1989-2006), et ses réalisations révolutionnaires ont eu un impact positif et stimulant sur la vie de nombreuses personnes.

Il sut inspirer l’indépendance, le contrôle de sa vie et créa des options et les mettant au service des adultes ayant un handicap physique. Son programme inédit : « Direct Funding Self Managed Attendant Services Program » est devenu un modèle imité partout au Canada et à l’international.

Vic créa aussi la première émission télévisée avec de la programmation hebdomadaire canadienne destinée à la qualité de vie malgré les handicaps s’intitulant : « The Disability Network » et renommé : « Moving On » plus tard, sur CBC. Il a amorcé les premières recherches académiques sur les handicaps et a insisté sur l’importance de la création de données de qualité et la recherche participative.

Vic disait souvent : « le terme Vie autonome fait référence à un mouvement social florissant, mais peu connu ! ». Vic fut un pionnier d’exception et un chef de file du mouvement VA. Toute sa vie, il a promulgué les principes et l’application de la vie autonome. Son apport au mouvement social Vie autonome est sans conteste.

Vie autonome Canada (VA Canada) reconnaît les accomplissements de Vic au mouvement VA à travers le Canada et à l’international.

Soit en paix, cher ami.

Independent Living Canada (ILC), a national organization supporting people living with disabilities has rallied people over the past week to let both the Minister and Prime Minister know that Canadians are counting on them to deliver meaningful improvements for Canadians with disabilities.

“Saturday, around the world, millions of people celebrated the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day to recognize challenges but also focus on solutions, together, and move our targets and objectives forward’’ says Diane Kreuger, Board Chair for Independent Living Canada, an organization supporting people living with disabilities.

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Independent Living Canada invites Canadians to join their voices for a more inclusive Canada

Nov 28th (Ottawa, Ontario) — In preparation for the 2016 International Day of Persons with Disability (IDPD) Independent Living Canada has an ambitious goal: Get thousands of Canadians from across the country to add their voice by signing their Declaration on their campaign page:

We believe that everyone has the right to aspire to the philosophy of Independent Living. While people with disabilities have made great strides in our country, too many still face barriers in daily living. Persistent gaps remain in areas such as employment, income, social inclusion, transportation and accessibility. Because we aspire to an all-inclusive and accessible society where people with disabilities are valued equally and participate fully, we believe these are issues that should be addressed now, to make Canada a better place.

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We are pleased and thrilled to announce that Independent Living Canada has hired Denis Boileau as National Manager. He joined us in August, and will represent the organisation at various levels.  Denis is based in the Ottawa region, and speaks fluently in English and French. His mission is to support Independent Living Canada’s, as we work to reach our full potential.  We are invested and dedicated to develop tools and funds for a stronger and more independent future.

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On behalf of Independent Living Canada we wish to express our deepest sympathies at the loss of Mauril Bélanger.

Throughout his life Mauril was a defender of the rights of others, whether the person is Francophone, a person with a disability or afflicted with a mental health and/or drug abuse issue. It did not matter as he was there to listen to them and help them.

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We have taken the time to introduce inspiring people during the month of June. Today, we are coming back to our board members profiles.  Our hope is that you will discover the team representing your interests at the board level.  Our profile this week: Mark Green!

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We will be sharing profiles of the Independent Living Canada Board members in the coming week! This week – we start with Diane Kreuger – National Chairperson

For the past 15 years, Diane’s passion has been with the overall well being of persons with disabilities and their communication needs. She has been particularly involved with the deaf community. Through her involvement with them and work as a community and employment facilitator, she has become acutely aware of the need to enhance the quality of life for deaf, deaf/blind and hard of hearing individuals within their community and at home.

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Truth is, we spent many hours trying to find the perfect image to depict the work IL Canada does. An inclusive image which would represent our reality: a cross-disability organization, supporting women, men, children, seniors, anyone who comes knocking at our door with a disability. We tried to define what a disability could be: a physical or emotional barrier, and intellectual challenge, or a mental health condition, perhaps a sensory barrier…

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We are proud to launch the new IL Canada’s website, which will serve as a centre for information, referrals and updates. Independent Living Canada is proud of all Independent Living Centres making the network alive and powerful. While we face hard times and budget cuts together, let’s not forget that everyday, our members are making the difference in the lives of many. Millions of people have been touched by our philosophy over the years, and it is an honour to witness the accomplishment of 30 years of dedicated work and passion.

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